Two alligators battle it out in the doorway of a Fort Myers home

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Over the weekend two alligators battled it out in the entry of a Fort Myers family’s home in Pelican Preserve.

Homeowner’s Joe and Sue Geshel heard the commotion but never expected to see two gators fighting.

After looking out the window, Joe told Sue what was going on. “I thought he was joking because we had so much to do and so much on her mind, I thought he was going crazy,” she said. Adding, “All of a sudden there was a loud pounding and that’s when I got involved because it sounded like someone was pounding on my front door and needed some help.”

When she realized what was going on, like any good Facebook friend, she grabbed her phone and started recording.

Geshel also said the reptiles are no strangers to the area, after all, it is Southwest Florida, “Everybody admits that they see them on the golf course but they live there … but to come up to somebody’s door is wild!”

Geshel said the gators were in front of her home for bout 20 minutes before they were finally on their way.

GATOR FIGHT! Video from Fort Myers this week of two gators fighting at the front door. Welcome to Florida! 🐊

– Matt Devitt WINK Weather | Credit: Susan Geshel

Posted by Matt Devitt WINK Weather on Sunday, May 31, 2020

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