Fort Myers woman battled coronavirus for 2 months before receiving a negative test

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
Published: Updated:

Most people have mild symptoms or none at all but that wasn’t the case for Fort Myers resident Dana Walsh, who had to battle for more than two months to beat the virus.

She has an important message for all of us as Florida moves to phase 2 of reopening.

Walsh was in the fight for her life and the ordeal lasted ten weeks.

Now she is urging everyone to continue to take this virus seriously—and get tested.

“I was pretty much showing every single symptom you can read about,” said Walsh.

Walsh tested positive for COVID-19 in March and shortly after when she was showing no symptoms she made the decision to donate plasma.

“I went to get another test in order to get a negative result to donate… And it came back positive,” said Walsh. The results left her shocked.

And the results to follow were even more confusing. The third test was inconclusive and after that, a fourth test said she was still positive.

Walsh said on the fifth test she finally tested negative. Now she has a strong message for those who had the virus.

“Get tested, make sure that you’re healthy, make sure you’re negative before you go back because you’re putting somebody else at risk,” said Walsh.

Walsh did have the opportunity to finally donate plasma and she said she was happy to be able to potentially save lives through her experience.

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