Star Teacher of the Week: James Rose of Ray V Pottorf Elementary


The pandemic has limited what teachers are able to do with their students but this week’s Star Teacher James Rose found a way around that.

He took his students out of the classroom and onto the Estero river—virtually.

“We went under 41 and I’m like guys, you ever wonder what’s under 41? I’m like this is what it is we are under the bridge,” said Rose.

Rose took his students from Ray V Pottorf Elementary out of their living room and onto a virtual field trip.

Getting outside of the box and into a kayak, Mr. Rose captivated his students on the Estero River.

“A lot of them have not seen how those oak trees look like they are just barely holding on to the banks. I was like, imagine what it would take if you were to engineer a structure to support that weight like those they just do it,” said Rose.

As he was teaching his students the importance of Florida’s waterways he was able to show how much better the water is since the shutdown.

“I could tell the water quality is visually clearer since the last time we were out. It was back to what it used to be nice and green and clear,” said Rose.

Mr. Rose doesn’t lack creativity in the classroom. Whether it’s a virtual kayak tour or teaching as Darth Vader with a lightsaber. His students know him for making students feel like we can do anything we put our minds to.

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