Woman creates support group for people with brain injuries

Writer: Drew Hill
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Suzan Berg definitely believes in miracles. That’s why she started the Miracles Among Us charity.

The entire story began 19 years ago. “In 2001 I got very sick,” Berg said. She had a brain injury but no one knew just how bad it was. “You don’t know when your brain’s not working and mine was not and we didn’t know how serious it was.

“It just kept declining, getting worse and worse with everything – balance, finding words, I had a tremor,” she said.

Others that suffer from brain injuries, like Christopher Flaco, say theirs went undetected but now it affects his entire life. “I had to learn how to walk, talk and everything again because of my brain surgery.”

Berg felt like she had a calling because whenever she looked for a support group during her rehabilitation, she couldn’t find any and it made her feel isolated. “I felt so alone when I was going through my recovery.”

So she started her own support group. “When you come to a meeting and we’re open to the survivor, we’re open to their loved ones, any caregivers, anyone, even friends who want to understand what’s going on. If you have any questions, someone in that room has an answer.”

Berg is also raising funds through Miracles Among Us to help other people with brain injuries pay for treatment because, as she says, “there is life after brain injury.”

Berg added, “And be able to offer other things like music therapy, art therapy…and if we can get someone who is familiar with working with children then have something for children as well.”

They also offer events such as the ‘Brain Fair.’

People like Falco appreciate the support. “They did help me quite a bit.”

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