New York considers imposing quarantine order on Florida travelers

Reporter: Anika Henanger Writer: Jack Lowenstein

The travel guidelines for those flying out of Florida to the New York tri-state area seems to have flipped since the pandemic began.

Travelers from New York and New Jersey must self- quarantine for 14 days in Florida, as was ordered by the governor during the onset of the pandemic and when those states in the northeast became heavily affected by the coronavirus.

Thursday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he might require travelers from Florida to quarantine once they get to New York.

“If you went to Florida, you had to quarantine for two weeks because they were afraid New Yorkers were bringing the virus to their state,” Cuomo said. “Fast forward 100 days. Now, we are afraid they are bringing virus to our state.”

People we spoke to have differing opinions about the possible decision by New York and its governor.

“Anything that they’re asking us to do is for the good of all the people,” said Val Hugh from Ohio. “So I don’t think they’re being unreasonable.”

“I think that is absolutely crazy,” said Susan Lawson in Naples. “We’ve been just as careful down here. We’ve been very fortunate.”

Cuomo says, if he moves forward with the requirement, Florida might not be the only state impacted.

“One of our concerns now in New York is that people from the other states that have a high rate of increase of [COVID-19] virus may start traveling to New York,” Cuomo said.

Many people in Soutwest Florida delayed going back home to the tri-state area due to the pandemic there, and now they might have to self-quarantine themselves when they return.

“We’re just as careful, washing hands, staying six feet apart,” Lawson said.

“It certainly couldn’t hurt, and New York’s had enough,” Hugh said.

There isn’t a quarantine requirement in place currently. New York’s governor said he was advised to make a move like this, but he has not made a decision yet.

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