Rally in North Naples to support law enforcement

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A group who said they are tired of the way law enforcement has been portrayed recently wanted to do something, so they gathered Saturday in North Naples to hold a rally to show their support.

“It just gets me upset that the men and the women who put themselves on the line every day, the cops, the firemen, our military, are the ones that are taking the brunt of it,” said Nicholas Ruggerio, rally participant.

Nancy Hudson said the recent attitude toward law enforcement makes her sad. “I love my country and it makes me very sad and worried about what’s happening and how people are treating the police.”

There were about 20 people who came out Saturday in support of law enforcement with shirts and signs at the corner of Immokalee Road and US-41.

Rally organizer H. Michael Mogil wants people to remember that nobody, not even law enforcement, is perfect. “Are the police perfect? No. Are the firemen perfect? No. Am I perfect? I could say yes and that would be a bad joke. But the point of this is none of is perfect. None of the organizations are perfect and all we can do is try and do better and if we make a mistake let’s fix it.”

Hudson feels like there’s something that’s not being talked about. “If a white person doesn’t kill the Black person, it doesn’t matter. I mean, the Black people killing Black people doesn’t seem to matter to them; I don’t understand that, why does only white and Black Lives Matter? Why doesn’t it always matter, I don’t understand that.”

Mogil just wants to make sure that the efforts of law enforcement aren’t overlooked and that people still trust them to do their jobs. He’s not absolutely opposed to those protesting either. “Go for it on the peaceful protests, absolutely. Do I want to police defunded? No.”

The group vowed that they’ll continue to hold rallies every two weeks as needed.

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