Mixed views on Publix decision to require masks

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You’ll soon be required to wear a mask when you enter Publix, starting July 21. The supermarket chain is joining several other big stores that also have mask requirements.

The announcement about mask requirements at Publix received mix reactions Thursday.

There will soon be signs at Publix locations that say masks must be worn inside stores. Publix shoppers we spoke to said they saw this coming, as many other stores were doing the same. Some were happy about it, and others were not.

“My great-great-grandpa died in the 1918 flu epidemic,” said Renee Lepere, who is pro-mask. “So I’ve been researching pandemics for a while.”

Lepere says, after researching COVID-19, she doesn’t want to shop anywhere that does not require a mask

“More stores are jumping on the bandwagon, so the choices are more available,” Lepere said. “But I’ve had enough. The numbers kept rising.”

And many are relieved Publix is mandating them as well.

“I think it is very smart,” said Aislinn Covey, who is pro-mask. “I think they should have done it a long time ago.”

But others disagree with the move.

“I personally don’t agree with it,” said Tessa Lerous, who is anti-mask. “Today, I actually saved an old guy’s life leaving Publix. He couldn’t breathe at all. He wanted to faint.”

Lerous says she doesn’t think wearing a mask is healthy.

“For the hygienic side, for the carbon monoxide, I definitely do not agree with it,” Lerous said.

Still, shoppers who don’t care for masks say it won’t keep them from doing their grocery shopping at Publix.

“You still gotta get food and do what you need to do,” Lerous said.

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