Retailers that mandate masks may be boycotted by customers

Writer: Drew Hill
Credit: WINK News.

Many major retail chains such as Walmart, Target, and Starbucks have begun to mandate wearing a mask at their store locations. But local businesses are also taking part simply to ensure the safety of their employees and the customers.

“We’ve done everything we possibly can to keep this virus out of our restaurant,” said
Marlies Laaper, owner of Cafe You in Cape Coral.

Her message is to wear a mask or you’re not welcome. Even if it hurts her business safety is Laaper’s number one priority.

We don’t have a huge big staff that we can just pop a whole load of people in their places to work so if we had a big outbreak would most likely have to close,” she said.

But just over at Duval Street, many are dining without masks. “Most people as you can see sitting here are not wearing masks,” said John Giaquinto, owner of Duval Street.

Because Giaquinto says, he won’t force his customers or his employees to wear them. “We shouldn’t be forcing people to do anything we don’t want to,” he said.

So that leaves Cape Coral residents with a crucial choice, where do they go?

“I have a real issue with somebody telling me to put a mask on,” said Rick Volman of Cape Coral.

But others in Cape Coral think wearing a mask is necessary and important.

“So you would never boycott a store if they required a mask no? No. if you don’t like it you can go to another store,” said Reilly, another Cape Coral resident.

One thing to remember is that businesses are allowed to refuse you service if you choose not to wear a mask.

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