See report: CDC shows most COVID-19 patients who died had contributing conditions

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New CDC information shows most patients who died after contracting the coronavirus also had other health issues that were contributing factors.

According to a CDC report, 6% of COVID-19 patients died of the virus alone. The health agency’s report shows 94% of those who died of COVID-19 also had underlying conditions. Those conditions included obesity, diabetes and heart issues.

We spoke to people in Charlotte County Monday about the new CDC report. Some told us they fear this information will make other community members take off their masks. Others we spoke see this as reason to lessen precautions.

“I’ve just been staying away and not getting close to people,” said Thomas Flynn in Port Charlotte.

New reported coronavirus cases in Florida have seen a downward trend.

“I’m still going to be very cautious,” said Sandra Ahlbrand in Port Charlotte.

Still, people with underlying health issues need to be careful.

The CDC’s new report is based on gathered data from death certificates nationwide. Table 3 under the comorbidities section of the CDC report shows the conditions that contributed to deaths involving COVID-19

The Charlotte County medical examiner office found one person died of solely of COVID-19 in the county. Everyone else had a condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD or a combination.

“I just really think it’s going to be around a while, so we need to take all the precautions that we can,” Ahlbrand said.

For others we spoke to the new nationwide and local information is enough reason to take a step back from certain safeguards.

“I think I’m probably going to ditch the masks, so my glasses don’t fog up,” said Mary Ann Stevens in Charlotte Harbor.

Others argue it’s too soon to breathe easy.

“That’s why Florida seems to be having such a high problem with this,” Flynn said.

“I’m trying to protect you, so I would like for other people to try and follow the guidelines and protect one another,” Ahlbrand said.

The CDC says it’s important community members all know how to calculate body mass index, since obesity has been found to be one of the contributing underlying health conditions in COVID-19 patients who have died. See the CDC’s online BMI calculator.


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