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Gov. DeSantis extends unemployment waivers until Dec. 5

Reporter: Sara Girard

Unemployed Floridians can breathe a small sigh of relief — for now.

A day before they were set to expire, Governor DeSantis extended three waivers for 90 more days.

DeSantis decided to keep waiving the work search, work registration requirements and waiting week requirements through Dec. 5.

These waivers make it so people don’t have to input job searches to qualify for benefits or have to miss a week of payments at the start.

While that’s good news, many of you have said you’re still struggling to make ends meet and the DEO just confirmed that the extra $300 federal benefits haven’t gone out yet.

That’s taking a toll on people right here in Southwest Florida.

“It’s hard. It’s hard. Nobody can live off of $125,” said Cynthia Cox. “It’s not like people don’t wanna work, they could’ve at least kept the $600. Because that was helping people a whole lot, that was not stopping people from working. That was helping people pay bills. That was helping people pay rent.”

Of course, that $600 recently ended. Meanwhile, the new head of the DEO, Dane Eagle, is getting some flack for a tweet he posted in July which reads, “The American taxpayer should not have their dollars used to pay people more to stay home.”

The top reply:

“This tweet should have disqualified you from DEO director overseeing millions of claims of unemployed individuals. You are completely out of touch with reality and the difficult situation families are currently living.”

We asked Eagle about his tweet Friday. DEO sent us back a statement saying only that he’s looking forward to working with the governor. You can read that statement in its entirety below:

During the global economic and public health crisis, Florida has experienced significant challenges. Under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, the state continues to safely reopen providing more Floridians the opportunity to return to work.  As the leader of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Director Eagle is looking forward to working with Governor DeSantis to continue to assist with making strategic investments in Florida communities that bring jobs and diversifies Florida’s economy.