Sanibel votes to bring back city iguana removal program

Writer: Derrick Shaw
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Credit: CNN

Sanibel City Council voted to bring back the city’s “Green Iguana Removal Program.”

This allows neighbors to request a trapper to go and take the reptiles away.

Requests will be forwarded to the natural resources department, which coordinates with the trapper to prioritize iguana removal efforts. The trapper is not on the island every day, and the trapper does not respond immediately to each iguana report. The trapper does follow-up at locations where iguanas have been reported. Demand dictates deployment of the trapper.

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Sanibel property owners continue to have the option to hire private trappers directly to remove green iguanas from their property.

Property owners are also encouraged to view guidelines from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on iguana prevention, exclusion, deterrents, habitat modification and capture:

In accordance with FWC and state wildlife laws, property owners may hire a nuisance wildlife trapper directly for assistance with trapping and killing iguanas or to address iguana issues beyond the scope of the city’s “Green Iguana Removal Program” on their private property.

All nuisance wildlife trappers are required to follow all applicable rules and regulations concerning nuisance wildlife removal.

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All contractors working on Sanibel are also required to have a Sanibel business tax receipt or registration as applicable.

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