Homeowners continue having their presidential candidate yard signs stolen

Reporter: Nicole Gabe Writer: Drew Hill
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Neighbors in Cape Coral are having their campaign signs stolen, items thrown in their yards and have received hate mail. Now, they’re fearing for their lives.

The hard to miss Trump and Biden signs are placed in yards across Southwest Florida.

Vincent, who didn’t want to use his last name, used the infamous yard signs to show support for his candidate. He has lived in northwest Cape Coral for 17 years and has always had these signs in his yard. But he says he won’t be doing that anymore.

“We both fear for our lives, we don’t know if he’s going to shoot or what he’s going to do next,” he said.

Vincent believes he’s seen the man who has been stealing his signs and signs from his neighbors. While it’s hard to tell who he is in photos, he has the whole neighborhood on edge.

“Three weeks ago, this guy comes out on his bicycle and he starts coming out and threatening us because of the Trump sign. And the next day our signs were gone, our neighbors’ signs were gone,” Vincent said.

He also claims the same man came back with aggressive pictures and messages. “And then he comes back in his car and throws nasty letters inside the mailbox and inside the driveway.”

His neighbors, Tom and Lynn, got them as well. They called the police.  “He’s put stuff in our mailbox and thrown stuff on our lawn,” Lynn said.

“If I had a young son or a grandson, I wouldn’t want him to see that filth,” Tom said.

The sign snatching isn’t only happening in Cape Coral and it’s not only Trump supporters. One homeowner in Fort Myers, who lives along McGregor Boulevard, says someone swiped her Biden signs and got creative.

Those in the Cape Coral neighborhood say disagreeing over who to vote for is one thing; scaring people is something completely different.

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