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Lee, Collier school districts need input on student learning options moving ahead in school year

Writer: Derrick Shaw
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Ahead of the beginning of the spring semester, school districts in Lee County and Collier County are making sure parents can weigh in on the current learning options students are enrolled in.

The School District of Lee County is offering the opportunity for students in virtual school to change to face-to-face learning.

Meanwhile, Collier County Public Schools is asking parents to participate in a survey regarding learning preferences for students.

School District of Lee County

According to the Distract, “Initially we communicated with families that all Lee Virtual School students would be enrolled through the first semester. However, based on stakeholder input, we are providing you with the opportunity to return to Face-to-Face instruction at your child’s previous school beginning next quarter, November 2, 2020.”

To accept the offer, the District ask for response via this form by 5 p.m. Sunday Oct. 18.

Things to consider if making the choice to return to Face-to-Face instruction:

  • Social Distancing will be limited due to increased in-person enrollment
  • Masks are required
  • Change in Teacher
  • Change in Class Schedule
  • The next opportunity to make any changes from the Lee Virtual School learning model will be in January at the beginning of the third quarter.

Changes to learning options will be effective the first day of the second quarter, Nov. 2. Parents and guardians can confirm their child’s new learning model by logging into the FOCUS account 48 hours after making the selection.

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Collier County Public Schools

The school district is asking for parent/guardian input for schooling options heading in the the second quarter beginning in Nov. 2.

According to CCPS, “You may opt to continue with Classroom Connect (Option 2) / High School Flexible at-home learning from your enrolled school OR return to On Campus at your enrolled school.”

The school district wants you to complete its survey below by Friday, Oct. 16, so your child’s school may plan accordingly for your preferred instructional model in the second quarter.

The CCPS innovative model of Classroom Connect (Option 2) / High School Flexible virtual scheduling will end at the close of the first semester. As a result, the school district says all students will be expected to return to campus Jan. 20, 2021, (Jan. 19 is a Virtual Learning Day and the first day of Quarter 3/second semester) with the exception of students enrolled in eCollier Academy (eCA), the distinct virtual school within CCPS.

If the commissioner’s emergency order is extended beyond the first semester, CCPS will provide an update of any changes in the instructional model options.

The following safety precautions are in place on campus:

  • All students are required to wear masks and safety glasses are highly recommended
  • All staff members, including teachers, are required to wear masks in school
  • Non-essential visitors are not allowed inside school buildings (e.g., mentors, vendors, and family visits)
  • Classrooms and school building furniture are frequently cleaned
  • Signage to support social distancing is displayed, in addition to a wide array of other measures being taken to keep students and employees safe
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout each school campus
  • Frequent hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer for all students and staff is encouraged

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