Lee County voting machines successfully tested to preserve election integrity

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Ballots being fed into a voting machine. Credit: WINK News

The Lee County Canvassing Board double-checked voting machines Thursday after a failed test earlier this week due to “mistakes”. But that’s what tests are for.

The attempted test on Monday was unsuccessful due to human error causing it to be rescheduled.

Tommy Doyle, the Lee County Supervisor of Elections, said “There was a discrepancy with the numbers because there was an error made by a person putting the ballots into the tabulator”

This time, they went off without a hitch, leaving Doyle, all smiles. He said, “Very pleased, everything went perfectly like we planned it.”

The tests were conducted to assess the machines’ logic and accuracy. To do so, unofficial pre-marked ballots were fed through the machine. The elections office says this is a matter of checks and balances to ensure that all of the equipment is working properly, and yet another way to protect people’s votes and the integrity of the election.

The testing was done in front of the canvassing board at 9 a.m. Now that it was considered a success, the official counting of mail-in ballots already received in Lee County will begin.

Doyle wants all Lee County voters to know your vote will be counted, and counted correctly, “I think 200,000 of them will vote by mail and the other 200,000, they can be confident that their results will be counted.”

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