Daughter says police could have prevented mother’s death

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Tina Maldonado and her mother, Diana Moore
Tina Maldonado and her mother, Diana Moore

A daughter wants justice for her disabled mother who was brutally murdered in her Fort Myers home. Now, she is asking for the death penalty.

Tina Maldonado, 37, is in pain just thinking about the death of her mother, Diana Moore. “He had waited in my mom’s house for three hours, stalking her before he brutally beat and stabbed my mother to death.”

Yet, she can’t get the image of her mother’s last breath out of her head. “The police department didn’t catch me. They didn’t see me until it was too late. I was actually already inside the home looking at my mom, within not even a foot away from her, brutally beaten and murdered and stabbed to death. And I just dropped to the floor and why, why.”

Police say the man responsible is Jaquan Robinson. Robinson’s girlfriend, who is Maldonado’s cousin, lives in the same home her mother lived in.

Officers say they received the first 911 call at 1:10 a.m. because Robinson was threatening his girlfriend’s family. Officers received the second call 29 minutes later, while still on scene taking the report.

“My own cousin heard my mom screaming help me, help me,” Maldonado said. “I just wish that I could go back and take her away before this happened. It just hurts. I just wish I could go to that night and take her away.”

Police said they found Robinson down the street in the same clothes he had on when he is suspected of killing Moore. Maldonado said he singled her mother out. “He did single her out. My mom has cerebral palsy, my mom is handicapped, she is elderly, she is 59 years old and she can’t fight. She could not fight back.”

“He stated that the reason why he did this was because my mom was special. Yes, that was his words from the police department,” Maldonado said.

Maldonado says besides what he said, she cannot think of a specific reason that he would kill her mother.  “I will get justice for my mom. Until the day I die, I will fight for this to make sure he will never see the light of day again.”

While she can’t get those images out of her head, Maldonado is pushing herself to remember the good times with her mother. She’s currently planning her mother’s celebration of life ceremony.

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