Naples Park wants answers in attempted abduction cases

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Sketch of the suspect wanted in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a jogger and the luring of four other women all in Naples Park in November 2020. Credit: Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

High security continues in a community to search for an attempted kidnapper.

Patrols continued in Naples Park Tuesday in hopes of catching a man who tried to lure multiple women into his van. Community members are being warned they are more vulnerable to attacks at this time of year.

Susan Aiken, a retired FBI agent, says Thanksgiving time creates even more of a risk for a potential predator to slip through the cracks.

“Everyone’s got to be careful,” Aiken said. “There’s so many additional people in our area, whether it’s on vacation, whether its returning to check on your home.”

Neighbors simply want answers.

“We need more information,” Nicole Kleim said. “I think the neighbors deserve to know.”

The sketch of a dangerous man has been posted throughout Naples Park, and neighbors there have their eyes peeled.

“I want him found immediately,” Ezra Rene said.

Neighbors want the man found and their sense of safety and security in their community restored.

Many neighbors, including Kleim, called the Collier County Sheriff’s Office after spotting what could have been the van the man drove when he grabbed a jogger.

“It wasn’t the best shot, but I think the more people that do that the better,” Kleim said.

Five women in Naples Park reported a man, who matches the law enforcement sketch, trying to lure them, telling them he needed help searching for his lost dog. One of the women, who was jogging, was forced into the man’s van before escaping to safety.

“I think people are a little on edge, but I think the good thing is people are aware and looking out for this guy,” Kleim said.

Aiken encourages people to be vigilant and aware of his or her surroundings.

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