Knowing how to spot fake designer bags can help you protect yourself

Writer: Drew Hill
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Buying used designer bags can save you big bucks. But make sure you don’t fall for a scam and receive a fake product.

Picking out fakes can be hit or miss, though. Jennifer Johnson owns True Fashionista in Naples. “They are knocked off really well and other times very poorly,” said Johnson.

True Fashionistas is a store that sells secondhand luxury goods. “We have a lot of customers who come in here and they would never think to go to the regular retail store to buy a luxury bag because they know they can come here most likely find a bag that’s still at the store,” said Johnson.

She has to make sure that the goods they sell are good to go. She usually starts with the stitching. “The stitching should be straight there shouldn’t be a lot of jagged edges it shouldn’t be in zig-zag pattern it should be straight,” Johnson said.

Next, check the lining. “Every bag is a little bit different some have a canvas lining some have like an alcantra lining, which is a different fabric,” she said.

But it shouldn’t feel like plastic. Also, make sure to look for details. On a Louis Vuitton, search for a serial number. With Gucci, Johnson says one side of the “u” should be wider than the other.

Many Chanel products come with a hologram tag. Finally, she uses a top-secret tool to confirm that it is real. If you want to buy privately from someone in Southwest Florida, True Fashionistas will authenticate your bag using that tool and provide you with a certificate.

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