Spotting fake Super Bowl websites and apparel

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Counterfeit Super Bowl gear is already popping up and so are fake websites ready to steal your money and personal information. But how does one go about spotting these fake products?

Jerseys, shirts and hats are on sale commemorating the Buccaneers’ return to the Super Bowl but, buyer beware.

The game can bring out the worst in those that are hoping to rip you off.

Andrew Warren is the Hillsborough County State Attorney. “It’s really hard sometimes to catch the people who are doing this and it’s even harder to get your money back after you’ve been ripped off,” Warren said.

Super Bowl merchandise can get expensive. But, Warren says what could be a deal for you could also mean having your information stolen by the seller.

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is and you should stay away,” said Warren.

When you’re shopping for apparel, look for a hologram sticker with the NFL to certify that it’s authentic.

The photos below from ICE show how artists try to replicate that authenticity sticker.s

“The merchants and businessmen who are actually legitimate are going to do the same things they always do. Use verified websites. They will accept credit cards, you don’t need to pay up front so anything out of the ordinary should be a red flag,” Warren said.

During the Bucs march to the Super Bowl, Facebook Ads started to popup but, don’t fall for it. Tom Brady probably wouldn’t approve.

“Do they normally sell these types of products? Are they connected with the NFL or another known retailer in any way? If you’re buying from someone you never heard of and something isn’t right, it probably isn’t,” said Warren.

If you feel like you’ve been ripped off, State Attorney Warren says to call your credit card company, or whatever method you used for payment, immediately and try to get your money back.

Then, be sure to contact your local authorities.

Also, beware of any last-minute deals concerning apparel or tickets.

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