Marco Island server humbled by $500 tip

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joey abramo

A Southwest Florida food server has been struggling financially, as many have during the pandemic. But, what he thought was just a five-dollar tip turned out to be so much more.

Joey Abramo is happy at work. “We are (here) to serve the people the way we serve the Lord. I’ve got that written on my heart,” he said.

Abramo describes himself as a people person but, others don’t always appreciate that.

“It breaks our hearts to…serve and do the best we can and we feel unappreciated,” he said.

Abramo thought that might be the case when he messed up an order on Sunday. It was the grouper nuggets.

“I made a mistake, I apologize I will get it out as soon as possible,” he said.

Abramo tried to be kind, and so was the party he was serving. Then, the party of 11 left and he grabbed the check.

“It said ‘$709 total on the bottom’ and it said ‘thanks Joey, God Bless,'” Abramo said.

The “God Bless” is important to Abramo, who is a man of faith. “Giving and loving and I think it just becomes contagious,” he said.

Abramo and his wife, who is a bartender at Pinchers on Marco Island, never stopped their belief in giving and loving. Even when they both lost their jobs.

“Back in March, we were all laid off. We had to stay home for a month,” Abramo said. “We don’t make much, but we’re thankful for what we have.”

And now, thanks to a few kind strangers, they have a little more, $500 more to be exact. “We were able to catch up on bills,” said Abramo.

The money did more than just help them pay their bills. It also gave them more faith, more hope, and more love.

“For me, I’m rich, I’m more than rich, just to be able to have a job, earn a living and to live in such a great community,” he said.

Abramo said that his good fortune inspires him to keep giving and hope this story inspires you to do the same.

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