15-year-old from Lehigh Acres leads Miami Beach Police on car chase

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15-year-old lehigh acres police chase
chase video Credit: Miami Beach Police

Someone led authorities on a wild chase through the streets of Miami Beach that sent people running for their lives. It turns out the driver was a 15-year-old from Lehigh Acres.

Police also say there was a gun in the driver’s seat.

Those who live in the neighborhood where the teen is from say they aren’t surprised this happened.

Surveillance video shows a car speeding right through the grass with a police car in hot pursuit. Miami Beach Police identified the driver s 15-year-old Jeffrey Shick from Lehigh.

The chase didn’t stop. He sped through an intersection narrowly missing people. Police say he almost hit an officer.

Nancy Carr is one of the people who lives in the teen’s Lehigh Acres neighborhood.

“It’s not surprising to see what they did in Miami Beach though,” Carr said.

She wasn’t surprised to hear about the chase. She says, she sees cars from Shick’s house speeding through her neighborhood streets often.

“There are kids. There are a lot of stray cats around, people walking their dogs, walking their kids in strollers. And they just race in and out of here all the time,” she said.

Investigators say the teenager has been involved in three hit-and-runs.

Other neighbors seemed shocked to see the video and are even more concerned since police found a gun in the driver’s seat.

“I see the gun and I say ‘this is a kid.’ That’s scary and crazy,” said Yanick Dufresne, another neighbor.

“It’s scary you know. They young and then we have kids and they live close with us,” Dufresne said.

Police say, another driver started the chase, then bailed out with three others. That’s when Shick took over. The initial driver of the car turned himself in to Miami Beach Police on Monday night.

18-year-old Isariel Delestre is facing possible charges of Battery on a law enforcement officer and false imprisonment.

Shick was arrested in Lehigh Acres in 2019 and was accused of stealing guns.

WINK News spoke to his mom, but she didn’t have a comment.

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