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Florida International Air Show returns to Punta Gorda Airport in October

Reporter: Zach Oliveri Writer: Melissa Montoya

A favorite event is back at its home.

After a year away due to construction and the pandemic, the Florida International Air Show is flying high again at the Punta Gorda Airport.

“We took a year off for construction and of course the COVID thing but mostly it was airport construction. The airport now is in great shape ready to go,” said Dana Carr, chairman of the Florida International Air Show.

Originally, the air show was supposed to take flight over Charlotte Harbor this October but that airport construction is almost done.

The new runway is ready now so the air show will be back in Punta Gorda in October.

“A year ago they had dump trucks, asphalt trucks and earth-moving equipment of all types just going literally everyday and into the night,” Carr said. “They were paving after dark many nights.”

Crews are still working on the general aviation center, but it’s also on track to be done before the air show.

“It’s really exciting that we’re going to use the air show to help showcase the new general aviation center for PGD,” Carr said.

Carr said people can expect the same aerial thrills.

“This will not be a scaled-down show we were planning over Charlotte Harbor,” Carr said. “This is going to be a full-on air show with lots of jets, fast-moving aircraft, and great family entertainment.”

The air show isn’t leaving Punta Gorda anytime soon. The airport board voted to approve a 3-year agreement to keep the air show at the airport.