Lords of Chaos: 25 years later Mark Schwebes’ family waits for death sentence of Kevin Foster

Reporter: Chris Cifatte Writer: Melissa Montoya
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Teacher Mark Schwebes was killed 25 years ago on April 30, 1996. His death was the final act of a group of teens who called themselves the Lords of Chaos.

It’s been 25 years since the peak of the heinous crime spree in Lee County that resulted in the death of a teacher.

In the 18 days leading up to the death of Mark Schwebes on April 30, 1996, the Lords of Chaos, the self-named gang, torched a restaurant, blew up a historic building and robbed a diner.

The group was trying to break into Riverdale High School when they were caught by Schwebes.

And so, they planned a murder.

Because of that four members of the Lords of Chaos, ringleader Kevin Foster, Derek Shields, Peter Magnotti and Chris Black called “Information” and got Schwebes’ home address.

They showed up at Schwebes’ home and shot him in the head when he opened his front door.

Foster is on death row. The other three are in prison.

Shields has previously spoken with WINK News from prison. Shields and the others place the blame on Foster.

“At first, during the night of the murder, I stood up against him, told him no two or three times,” Shields said. “No, we’re not going to go through with this until he pulled out the shotgun and said yes we are.”

For Dunbar, April 30 is a special kind of hell.

“You know, you’re not thinking this is my last day walking the Earth,” said Pat Dunbar, Schwebes’ sister.

And now, 25 years later, Dunbar’s son is 32 years old, the same age her brother was when he was killed.

Dunbar has been waiting to hear from the victim’s advocate office to see when Foster’s death sentence will be carried out.

“I have nothing,” Dunbar said. “No, I have nothing. I got the same information off of Google that she was able to get me.”

When WINK News reached out to the Victim’s Advocate Office they said Foster’s original death penalty appeal is still open and it could take a couple more years.

There is no end in sight for Dunbar.

Before he was killed, Schwebes was looking forward to his future.

“You know, he was excited, because that day, they poured the foundation of his first home,” Dunbar said. “You know, there’s like before Mark died and after Mark died. And our lives are literally defined that way.”

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