Road rage leads to I-75 crash in Collier County

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Road rage led to a collision involving three vehicles Sunday night in Collier County.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, three cars were traveling south on I-75, near the Immokalee Road exit, around 8:15 p.m. An ongoing road rage incident occurred between the first two cars, during which they drove aggressively and eventually collided.

Those two cars were swerving in and out of traffic and one even went onto the shoulder for a moment. The first car, driven by a 19-year-old man from Miami Gardens, then collided with the third.

In a video that was taken Sunday night by a driver, you see the two cars cutting each other off on I-75. This created a dangerous situation for the other drivers on the road.

Jami Stevens said the video made her sad. “It saddens my heart. The last thing we need is road rage.”

FHP says the two cars were driving aggressively with each other which caused them to crash and hit another car.

Many people in Southwest Florida travel on I-75, some of us every single day, and anger behind the wheel is something we all have to deal with from time to time.

“You do get your traffic. You do get some people that cut you off. I had one guy flick me off a day ago,” said John Sanchez of Collier County.

Florida Highway Patrol gave WINK News some tips on how to keep this scenario from happening to you.

The first is not to get involved in the situation. It is best to slow down and give yourself some space between the other car and your own.

They also recommend that if someone is driving aggressively that you get off at the nearest exit because you never know what an aggressive driver is going to do.

Road rage isn’t something that FHP takes lightly.

“If someone is using their vehicle as a weapon,” said Lt. Greg Bueno. “I’m going to intentionally drive you off the road, I’m going to intentionally make my vehicle hit your vehicle, it’s an aggravated assault or battery if someone is injured.”

Both the second and third cars fled the scene. This incident remains under investigation, and charges are pending.

“That’s uncalled for and wrong if it’s an accident; you need to stay, that’s the law, plain and simple,” Sanchez said.

Bueno adds that if you ever feel worried about a road rage situation, get away from the other car and call FHP immediately.

“You don’t know the temperament of the driver, or if they are impaired or have a weapon, it’s not worth it, let us get them off the road,” he said.

Other drivers are simply pleading that everyone is more careful.

“Slow down and think of the people around you and think of the people you have to live for,” Stevens said.

FHP plans to hold accountable everyone involved in the crash. They’re still looking for those two cars that left the scene.

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