Seed to Table owner weighs in after Biden announces new COVID vaccine requirement

Reporter: Michael Hudak Writer: Drew Hill
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On WINK News on Thursday, we told you that President Biden announced there will be new federal vaccine requirements that could impact about 100 million Americans. In the time since, the Republican National Committee (RNC) vowed it will sue the federal government.

A number of businesses, including some in Southwest Florida, say the requirements will not take effect in their workplaces. One of those business owners, Alfie Oakes, is saying no way to the requirements. Oakes said almost a year ago that COVID-19 was a hoax and that he planned to continue running his business the way he always had. And he’s kept that promise.

At Seed to Table, nothing changed when coronavirus first came to Southwest Florida. When the pandemic hit, and SWFL headed into its first surge in cases, or even now with the delta variant, things have stayed the same. Customers and employees have been given the choice of how to live.

“We have 3,200 employees. No one’s… no one’s masking, no one social distance and no one ever did ever. We’ve been hugging each other, loving each other. No one’s got sick. No one … No one’s… no one’s been in the hospital,” said Oakes.

WINK News cannot verify Oakes’ claims. But, on Friday, he made it quite clear that he will not comply with Biden’s vaccine mandate. “We’ll never vaccinate, I guarantee it. Over my dead body, we won’t vaccinate here. He can get the DLL, he can get OSHA to come and fine me $14,000 a person,” Oakes said.

In the most sweeping COVID-19 requirements yet, the Biden Administration says that if you own a business with more than 100 employees, that those employees must be vaccinated.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said he will fight the measure. Oakes does appreciate the governor’s position, but he says he’s okay taking this position by himself. “Like I said, it’s all… it’s all a game. It’s all politics, and it’s never gonna happen. And if they try to make it happen, that would even be worse,” said Oakes.

WINK News reached out to a dozen businesses, including Lee Health, Publix, Hertz and Chico’s but none of those businesses were ready to speak about their possible response to the president’s vaccine mandate.

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