Search resumes for Brian Laundrie; Neighbors surround Laundrie home

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Monday marked another day with no sign of Brian Laundrie, fiance of Gabby Petito.

The FBI has been looking for Laundrie for more than two weeks in Sarasota County. Experts say this terrain is difficult to survive in.

The founder of the Marco Patriots doesn’t believe that Laundrie is still in Carlton Reserve but that he somehow escaped.  However, the FBI has not been taking questions on the search today, as they are now the lead agency.

The large search and rescue effort from last week has been scaled back. From above, WINK news was able to spot just a few cops looking for Laundrie near a body of water.

WINK News Safety and Security Specialist Rich Kolko tells us what FBI agents are doing in addition to this physical search. “Once the FBI got the indictment, the arrest warrant, they… likely began to issue more subpoenas. Now they’ve got some of the phone numbers. So they want to find out what phone numbers were called. They need to find out where the cell phones were,” said Kolko.

“And that’s why this, this whole timeline in conjunction with the subpoenas, and the interviews that will be conducted by FBI and law enforcement helps put the whole picture together and find out, where he was when he was and, more importantly, where is he today?” Kolko said.

Kolko also mentioned that the FBI may lean on Brian’s parents, friends and anyone else who may have been in contact with him.

Authorities will be able to subpoena phone companies and search through digital and physical evidence.

While investigators continue to search for Brian, neighbors are pushing for answers outside the former home of Gabby and Brian. Protestors put up “wanted” posters around the neighborhood.

Some in that neighborhood say Gabby’s disappearance has changed the North Port community.

Chants from megaphones are filling the normally quiet street. The Laundrie family home is still quiet.

Those demonstrating outside their home are disgusted by the silence.

Johnathan Riches is from Tampa. “We are going to stand out here and demand that the Laundrie family come out and cooperate with authorities. Let authorities know what they know. Brian is out there, they know something about Brian,” said Riches.

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