How a potential government shutdown affects a tour company in the Everglades

Reporter: Sydney Persing
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The government is now funded through the beginning of December.

But a shutdown is still possible and it could affect a lot of people, including Capt. Charles Wright, who owns Everglades Area Tours.

He has owned the business since 1999. The Everglades are part of the National Park Service System, which shuts down when the government shuts down.

In 2013, the shutdown hurt Wright’s business.

“Why? Why again? Your job, your job is to govern the government,” Wright said.

Sometimes, the government gives businesses like his the go-ahead to keep operating but sometimes they don’t.

“Never know. Communications are not their sense of urgency and my sense of urgency are completely different,” Wright said.

With the short-term funding bill, the government will remain open until at least Dec. 3.

But for hardworking people like Wright, that is just kicking the can down the road.

“I’m kind of numb to it now because it happens,” Wright said. “It’s gonna happen again in two months.”

And in two months, or any time a shutdown looms, Wright is going to think back to the shutdown in 2013.

A 16-year-old girl visiting from England wanted to visit the Everglades.

“Sitting around the campfire, looks at me goes Capt. Wright, How does your government shutdown?”


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