Beware of con artists using the pandemic to steal your cash

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Credit: via WINK News.

Crooks are everywhere, and their costly cons are on track to cost billions. They’ve been banking on the coronavirus among other things.

Experts are warning everyone to ignore messages from people they don’t know, and delete them without opening.

Con artists will try to get you to click on links in their emails, so they can get your money and personal information.

According to the FBI, texts and emails with mysterious links cost Americans more than $4.2 billion.

Presently, COVID-19-related schemes are popular. Crooks send you an email or text to confirm your information saying you can get your stimulus check. Common subject lines might relate to vaccines.

The Better Business Bureau says con artists are jumping on Zoom like the rest of us. They’ll send you a believable email telling you you’re missing a meeting. Once you click that link, hackers can download malware to your computer and take your passwords and personal information for identity theft.

Con artists rely on you reacting quickly to emails or text.

BBB recommends, if you get an unsolicited email or text, to take a pause.

But if you do click, immediately disconnect from the internet; scan your device for malware; back up your files; and change all of your passwords.

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