Minor League baseball players help build homes for Habitat for Humanity

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Habitat for Humanity Red Sox
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Professional Baseball players are giving back to the Southwest Florida Community. On Tuesday, more than 50 Minor League Baseball players in the Boston Red Sox organization helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Thie job is to get ready to play baseball up in Boston, that’s why they’re here in Lee County. So, they decided to say “thank you” to some of the fans who cheer them on.

These players spent Tuesday afternoon in Lee County building homes for others. Bob Kipper is one of the pitching coaches on staff. “Sometimes, we look at serving other people. We’re looking at serving people who are less fortunate than us and I take that very seriously,” said Kipper.

Players do not know who will be living in these homes but say that doesn’t take away from how much the Heritage Heights Community means to them.

Nick Yorke plays second base. “Our stadium is really close by and we get a lot of support from the areas around here. So, we absolutely need to give back and help those that need the help,” said Yorke.

Leaders with the Habitat for Humanity in Lee and Hendry Counties told WINK News the need for affordable housing has increased since the beginning of the pandemic. 150 of those homes are being built for low-income families in the Heritage Heights Community.

Six of those 150 homes were built by these Minor League Baseball players. Stephen Scott is the team’s catcher. “It’s a great opportunity for this organization to be able to help out this community. They give us a home for spring training and even though we’re in and out in a brief period of time. It gives us a great opportunity to give back and help out with the less fortunate areas of this community,” said Scott.

“We see a bigger picture and that we can make a greater impact in our lives outside of baseball,” said Kipper.

Habitat for Humanity says it hopes to have at least 14 families settled into these homes by Christmas. It will take approximately four to five years to complete all 150 homes.

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