Proposed church in Golden Gate Estates passes first hurdle

Reporter: Emma Heaton Writer: Matthew Seaver
The proposed footprint for the church.

Plans for a contested church in Collier County are moving forward. On Thursday it got through one hurdle, but it still has another to go.

It’s a familiar argument. Not in my neighborhood, but instead of a new building or store or highway, what people in Golden Gate Estates are fighting over is a new church.

Supporters got a preliminary okay on Thursday, but it is not a done deal yet.

The new church is planned for the 8th Street Northeast and 22nd Avenue Northeast corner of Golden Gate Estates.

Gustavo Marin, who is for the church, said, “this is the church that’s going to help the community. This is a church that’s going to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

But church members like Marin do not have the final say.

On Thursday Marin showed up at the Collier County Planning Commission to make it clear he wants to see Iglesia Pentacostes Penial built.

The church would be 5,000 square feet and offer services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

People who don’t want the church built complained traffic and noise would disrupt an otherwise quiet neighborhood.

Rae Ann Burton, who is against building the church said, “we’re not against a religion we’re not against any religion. We’re not against a church being built. We are against it being built where it is.”

Michael Ramsey, the president of Golden Gate Estates area civic association is also against the church.”To put a church like that, that’s going to grow fast will cause an impact to quality of life components for residence.”

The planning commission listened to everyone who wanted to speak then voted and passed the initial plans for the church with five members in favor and two against.

Now that the planning board has voted yes, the requests to build the church will go to the Collier County commissioners. They have the final say.

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