Caught on camera: Thief steals Halloween decorations days before holiday

Reporter: Zach Oliveri Writer: Drew Hill
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A person was caught on surveillance video stealing a woman’s Halloween decorations just before the holiday.

The beloved decorations were taken from a home along Cedarbend Drive just off of Summerlin Road in Fort Myers.

A person is seen on camera taking Halloween decorations from the mulch beds outside of  Kristen Germano’s home. “I want to spread joy and they took that joy away,” Germano said.

These decorations were meant to uplift the woman’s family and those in her neighborhood after all the challenges they faced during the pandemic. She says she hopes this person is found so they don’t ruin the holiday for others.

Germano’s displays had two scarecrows and eight yard signs, including pumpkins and ghosts. Those things may seem small, but she was hoping to have a large impact. “Due to the last two years with the pandemic and losing family members it’s been very hard. So having the decorations out here brings spirit and happiness. Not just to me but the community,” Germano said.

halloween decorations
Here are what Kristen’s decorations looked like before. Credit: Kristen Germano

A treat to the community has also been taken away. On Friday night, her security cameras caught the thief swiping her scarecrows and signs.  She rewatched the video over and over again in disgust.

“I was in disbelief. I couldn’t believe it. How somebody can be so disrespectful by taking somebody’s Halloween decorations,” Germano said.

Now, all that remains in the ground are holes where those decorations once stood. “Continue to put up your decorations. And enjoy the holidays. Don’t let one little crime stop you from enjoying your holiday and your spirit,” Gemano said.

And Kristen says this isn’t going to stop her from putting up decorations for the holidays.

A spokesperson for the Fort Myers Police Department said this crime is classified as misdemeanor theft.

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