Video shows violent encounter on Diplomat Middle School bus

Reporter: Justin Kase Writer: Matthew Seaver

A violent fight breaks out on a school bus. The chaos all caught on video which shows a young girl getting punched in the face before the other students onboard start fighting.

It happened as the bus was leaving Diplomat Middle School in Cape Coral

The woman who sent WINK News the video is also the parent of two children that attend Diplomat Middle School. She said she felt sick to her stomach after watching it.

Although her children were on the bus when the brawl happened, she says she hopes changes are made to keep kids safer.

The video shows a middle school boy violently punching a girl on a bus. Then several others join the fight. The boy who punched the girl is then seen stomping on another student who intervened. One student on the bus said the boy was stomping on the other student’s head.

It’s unknown know who shot the video, but the parent who shared it with WINK News says her daughter shared it with her.

The parent, who wants to remain anonymous said, “My stomach sunk. Like it made me. I have been dealing with it all day.”

The district says the bus driver contacted dispatch and brought the bus back to the school after the fight.

“He hit her like a grown man. And for him to stomp on that little boy for trying to protect that little girl, I just don’t have words for it,” said the parent.

Lee County schools said the assistant principal took three of the students involved off of the bus.

The school is investigating, but the mother who shared the video wants to see changes to strengthen safety. “Maybe to have some kind of supervision on these buses. Because if that was my child, the outcome of the situation would be completely different.”

The district told us the parents of the three students involved in the brawl had to come to pick them up, so they are aware of what happened.

They also said they do not tolerate fighting on campus or in the buses.

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