Fort Myers Topgolf under fire for potentially dangerous lights

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Topgolf in Fort Myers officially opens on Friday, but some neighbors are worried about its bright lights, but the lights are a common complaint when these new facilities open.

The lights at the Topgolf in Fort Myers can be seen from a mile away. Some people are worried about the glare distracting drivers and others are concerned about how close Topgolf is to the interstate.

Topgolf’s Fort Myers location is all set for a grand opening on Friday after a soft opening earlier this week and some in the area are excited.

“I’ve been to the one in Tampa and Orlando and I’m actually excited for this one to open,” said Jessica Ritter of Fort Myers.

People already knew about the new businesses opening because of their bright lights. They are hard to miss from I-75, making some people concerned about possible car crashes.

Patrick Locke, who lives in Fort Myers said, “I drove by last night, or the night before when it was raining and the glare was actually pretty bad. You couldn’t see.”

Others, like Ritter, are not as concerned. “It’s not bothering me and I have an issue with my eye right now, but it does not bother me.”

Topgolf is right next to the interstate attracting many eyes, and potential customers from drivers. Some say it’s not an ideal location.

Dawn McAfee of Fort Myers agrees that there are dangers, “I think it could be possible maybe that the ball could come over and hit a car I’m not sure, I’m not sure how tall they really are but I think that could be a problem.”

Ritter went to the Topgolf locations in Orlando and Tampa which are in similar locations. “They are closer to the interstates. Maybe they could have put this one on the other side of 75 maybe if there was room or whatever, but I think they did the best that they could.”

The operations manager here at Topgolf told WINK News it had no comment when asked about the lights.

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