Video of former NFL player shines light on domestic violence

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A new light is being shone on the issue of domestic violence because of a recently released video documenting an abuser that happens to be famous. But many victims are never put in the same spotlight.

One domestic violence victim told WINK News that while violence documented on video is rare, violence is perpetrated daily.

The disturbing video has sent shockwaves across the country. Christy Carpenter is a survivor of domestic violence. “It was a brutal, brutal attack,” Carpenter said.

For her, seeing that video was like reliving a nightmare. “What I experienced was very similar to that was there was him punching her standing over her with his power and his strength. And while she was curled but defenseless against someone of that stature,” Carpenter said. “And with that amount of confidence that they had a right to be doing this to you.”

Yes, she did say that he was confident he had the right to do that to her. But Carpenter also says not to get caught up in the fact that the violent attack was caught on video. “I would, I would, I would venture to say out loud that this happens every day, in normal people’s household, and not just you know, know, a seemingly angry NFL football player, right? It happens everywhere,” she said.

A viewer asked WINK news if Zach Stacy would face more time in jail for destroying a television than for assaulting the mother of his five-month-old child. So, we asked Pamella Seay, a professor of justice studies at Florida Gulf Coast University.

“Because of the violence, and the extreme violence of this act against this person, not only is it a is it domestic violence, it is also a felony,” Seay said.

And you and you may look at anywhere up to 30 years in prison for what he… what he actually did,” said Seay.

Survivors of domestic violence say that the takeaway isn’t the video but that these sorts of attacks happen on a daily basis.

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National Suicide Prevention Hotline

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