Lehigh Acres Rotary Club offers a seat at its Thanksgiving dinner table

Reporter: Andrea Guerrero Writer: Drew Hill
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Credit: WINK News

Last year, the Lehigh Acres Rotary Club could only offer to-go meals for Thanksgiving. This year, they’re excited to welcome everyone back to their table.

Thanksgiving is meant to be spent sitting around a table full of loved ones. Joe and Diane Diane are thankful that they have each other. “I’m thankful for life, especially every morning I get up. I’m thankful for my wife,” Joe said.

“I’m very thankful to be alive, and I’m very thankful for my husband who took care of me,” said Diane.

Years ago, Diane and her mother began a tradition of sharing holiday dinners at the Rotary Club in Lehigh Acres. Now, she brings her husband. “I know Klei,n he’s a server. I know Claudia over there, and I know Inca, who’s back there cooking. And we get to see them once a year at least,” said Diane.

A year ago, conversation and togetherness ceased because the dinner was grab and go. Edward Buff is a volunteer at the Rotary Club. “It’s nice to get people back to the table where they don’t have to go home, and some people have to go home and be by themselves, and we really don’t want that. That’s why we encourage our volunteers if they see somebody that’s sitting alone, go sit down and just chat with them,” said Buff.

With doors back open and people sitting around the table, and with the warm food on their plates and in their bellies, everyone knows there’s so much to be thankful for this year.

Nancy Crozier has been coming to the Rotary Club on Thanksgiving for five years. “Just family and friends and health! Good health,” Crozier said.

And she’s thankful for the same thing that every year. “The same I’m always thankful for family and friends,” said Crozier.

“I just wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you’re celebrating with friends and family and filled with fun and love today,” said Diane.

Volunteers told WINK News that many people came to the Rotary Club to pick up meals for neighbors. They wanted to make sure that no one missed out on a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving.

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