Collier County McDonald’s remains closed a week after video showing rats in the kitchen

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Rats in a Naples McDonald’s (Credit: Keysha Vega and Benjamin Dumond)

A Collier County McDonald’s has been closed for a week after a video circulated on social media showing a rat infestation in the kitchen.

Seven days may seem like a long time to get rid of rats, but a pest control company said it is not unusual. They said it’s a lengthy and expensive process.

This video captured through the drive-thru window at the McDonald’s along Pine Ridge Road near I-75 shows the most famous family of rats in Southwest Florida.

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Since the video was posted on Instagram, the restaurant has been closed.

“They need to get away from the elements just like we do, so it’s like a 5-star hotel for them,” said Joe Jayne, the Naples branch manager for Truly Nolen Pest Control.

Jayne said getting rid of rats is not easy.

“Rats are very smart animals. They learn, and as far as traps are concerned, they can become trap savvy, so they don’t go to the traps. The biggest piece of control is prevention,” said Jayne.

Knowing the signs is critical to keeping any kitchen clean. Snail casings, eaten palm fruits, black rub marks, and droppings are sure signs of a problem.

Rats populate very quickly, and getting rid of them can take weeks.

“The first thing you do is exclusion. You have to make sure every opening and opportunity where they’re getting in is blocked. From there, we set traps,” said Jayne.

Jayne said rat infestations could also cause significant health issues. It’s crucial to sanitize the property long after they’re gone. “Because number one parasites that they carry. Just the unhealthy piece of their droppings., they don’t control their bathroom behaviors,” said Jayne.

WINK News checked the restaurant’s inspection reports dating back more than a year and found no hint of a rat problem. Inspection reports for the Circle K next door were also rat-free.

The state said it would send an inspector here every day until the McDonald’s opens and the inspector can see for himself what has been done.

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