New lawn irrigation plan to ease stress on Cape Coral’s water system

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A lawn sprinkler in Cape Coral. Credit: WINK News

There’s now a plan to increase how often residents in Cape Coral can water their lawn in the hope it will improve your water pressure.

Residents say change is needed because the reclaimed water system in Cape Coral is so stressed, especially during the current dry season in which a one-day-a-week watering restriction goes into effect Monday.

A new watering schedule was discussed Wednesday by city officials. Currently, there are 12 watering time slots during the week. This plan would increase the number to 20 time slots, helping to manage the reclaimed water system more efficiently. Additionally, this strategy would help the water pressure and reduces the average number of people watering their lawns simultaneously by 40%.

“The water radiates around the base of the thing and doesn’t sprinkle any more than three or four inches beyond the sprinkler,” said Eric Bernhart, a Cape Coral resident.

A part of the proposal would give a $500 rebate for irrigation system upgrades to meet the new proposed schedule. With the dry season ending in late May,  these rules are hopefully coming just in time.

Cape Coral Utilities Director Jeff Pearson admits water pressure is a problem, so he wants the City to change the schedule when Cape Coral lifts the one day a week restriction.

Pearson wants to make Tuesday a watering day, add eight time slots, and move the start time from midnight to 8 p. m.

Councilman Tom Hayden said “It puts us in a better position to keep consistent water pressures so all systems work.”

And Cape Coral’s firefighters like the idea. Pearson said, “Our fire hydrants will have more static pressure and flow, especially during those critical times in the evening when a lot of fires can happen.”

The proposal also includes more time to water newly sodded turf and seeded lawns and new plants.
 For the first 30 days, you can water six days a week
; From day 31 to 90 it drops to four days a week

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