10 priceless relics disappear from Golden Gate Catholic church

Reporter: Sydney Persing
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Ten priceless and irreplaceable relics have disappeared from a Golden Gate church.

The items that went missing from St. Elizabeth Seton include what they say is a sliver of the cross Jesus died on, a piece of Mary’s veil, and bone fragments of saints.

These irreplaceable relics have been inside the parish church for years. We don’t know where they are or whose hands they’re in.

Five years ago Ms. Sally Rudman made St. Elizabeth Seton church and made it her home.

Sally Rudman

She Volunteers in the front office. She said, “perhaps because it’s so much like the church I was raised in … whatever they need me to do.”

Sometimes she takes calls. Sometimes she separates rose petals.

St. Elizabeth’s is Rudman’s happy place – her holy place.

She never expected she’d feel such heartbreak here. “Everyone was just amazed, appalled, stunned.”

Thursday the folks at St. Elizabeth’s noticed a theca relic and reliquary were missing.

They said inside were 10 holy relics which also included a piece of Jesus’ tomb and Joseph’s clothing.

“They are something that has been at the very least, touched by God.”

Down the road, at Ave Maria Law School, Elizabeth Westhoff got wind of the news.

She came to work for the Catholic law school after 20 years with the Catholic church.

She wants to make it clear, that these relics are irreplaceable and priceless, “We will never have those again. They’ve lived once and now they’re dead.”

Thankfully though, Ms. Sally still has faith, that whoever has the relics will bring them home, “I hope they would find it in their hearts to return it where it belongs.”

The staff and congregation still have compassion for whoever has the relics. They ask you please pray to St. Anthony for their safe return.

The sheriff’s office said they can’t verify whether the items were indeed stolen or just lost. But the church feels it’s next to impossible to believe someone misplaced them.

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