10 questions for assisted living/nursing care facilities

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From the Lee County Department of Public Safety:

  • Does the facility have an approved Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan? If yes, may I see a copy of the approval letter? If no, ask them why, as it is required.
  • Do you maintain a minimum 72-hour supply of food, water, medications, etc. for each resident?
  • Do you have an emergency generator? If yes, to what does it supply power during a blackout?
  • Under what circumstances will my family member be evacuated?
  • Can my family member be released to me for the purpose of evacuation?
  • Who will notify me of the impending evacuation of my family member?
  • Whom should I call to receive current information on my family member?
  • What facilities might my family member be evacuated to? Where are they located?
  • Who will notify me that my family member is returning to this facility?
  • If my family member evacuates with me, who do I contact to determine when the facility is open and operating?

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