Naples Auto Donation Center seeing a decrease in donations

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An auto donation center is struggling as they see a decrease in donations. Those donations directly affect local charities and foster children.

Naples Auto Donation Center General Manager Greg Mitchell says their garage is usually filled with cars, but there’s just a handful right now.

“Every now and then or often enough, I hear from people that we didn’t know you exist,” said Mitchell.

Naples Auto Donation Center has been helping our community for more than a decade, but recently fewer cars have been rolling in.

Mitchell thinks the pandemic plays into it. Used cars are in high demand, but he’s hoping someone watching says, “Oh wow, you know, I’m not driving that car anymore, so let’s donate it,” said Mitchell.

By giving, you’re also giving back to the community. 50% of the sale will go to a charity of your choice.

“We’re doing it both ways. We’re helping the community, the charities with the monies that we sell the car for, and we’re also trying to help out the families that need a car,” said Mitchell.

Those cars could be for survivors who may be starting over.

“Some of them have automobiles, some of them don’t and so what we hope to do is provide them with whatever they need, in whatever way we can to get them back on their feet,” said Tama Caldarone, with the Shelter for Abused Women and Children.

One way that’s done is through mini-grants.

“If one of our participants is needing a car, they can apply, and that mini-grant does the work to and the background check to find out and then provides them with the funding to buy these used cars,” said Caldarone.

Well-loved cars, from people with big hearts, helping little ones in our community.

“All our money goes to, at the end of the year, what profits we’ve made goes to foster care for children,” said Mitchell.

Initially, all proceeds from sales would go to foster care for children, but now there are about 16 different charities you can choose from.

You get a tax write-off and a happy heart knowing you’re doing something good if you donate.

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