Barr’s Jan. 6 comments reviewed by SW Floridian connected to Watergate

Reporter: Sydney Persing Writer: Paul Dolan
House Select Committee’s hearing on January 6 Capitol. (CREDIT: WINK News)

It was initially unclear which moment from the House Select Committee’s hearing on January 6 would make the headlines.

Donald Trump’s former Attorney General Bill Barr proved to be a headline maker early on. In particular, when the committee pressed play on this moment from his deposition.

Former Attorney General Barr said, “I made it clear I did not agree with the idea saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff which I told the president was bullshit.”

Philip Lacavara served as counsel to Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski in 1973. While Lacavara was watching from his home on Sanibel, Barr’s deposition brought him back 49 years.

Barr’s deposition brought him back 49 years and reminded him of when John Dean, President Nixon’s White House Counsel, admitted on live television there had been a conspiracy to cover up the Watergate break-in.

“What you had last evening was something similar from the Attorney General Barr,” Lacavara said. “I think that was the kind of insight or revelation that it’s very different difficult for Trump defenders to try to evade.”

But Lacavara made it clear, while reminiscent of John Dean’s testimony, Barr’s deposition is not yet on the same level.

Lacavara said, “because we don’t see whether we don’t know whether it’ll change any minds. That’s the key thing.”

In their attempt to change minds committee members played violent and painful video captured that day.

If you looked closely enough, you’d have spotted at least two of our neighbors facing Capitol riot charges. Naples’ Christopher Worrell and Punta Gorda’s David Moreschel, were most recently charged with seditious conspiracy.

Lacavara said, “the most unsavory part of this whole affair is not so much what happened on January 6, which is bad enough. But the desperate, in my view, irresponsible and amoral effort by so many other people, especially politicians to try to cover it up. It’s far worse than watergate.”

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