What are the safest sunscreens to wear to protect your skin?

Reporter: Amy Oshier
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A beachgoer uses sunscreen on Fort Myers Beach. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Some sunscreens are better than others.

Each year, the nonprofit Environmental Working Group publishes its finding on sun protection.

The group’s 2022 report failed 75% of sunscreens. A big concern is the lack of defense against harmful UVA rays.

“The reason we purchase sunscreen is to protect our skin, our future health,” said Tylar Harrod, a beachgoer.

Christy Moore said she has very sensitive skin.

“Anything above like or past like sunburn is not very good for me,” Moore said.

While most of us arm ourselves against sun damage, many are not getting the protection needed.

“Sunscreens could be much better both in terms of the protection they offer as well as the safety of the ingredients in the products,” said Dr. David Andrews, with the Environmental Working Group. “Everyone knows about the SPF protection. But UVA protection is much more subtle in terms of causing long-term sun damage and this can lead to increased melanoma risk, as well as increased risk of skin aging and wrinkles.”

A chemical culprit on the list is oxybenzone, a common ingredient that can be absorbed through the skin.

“There’s concerns that it impacts the endocrine system,” Andrews said.

To get the best coverup, opt for tried and true formulas.

Zinc oxide for a broad spectrum, UVA UVB protection.

“I’ve been applying every 30 minutes or hour, making sure that I got full coverage,” Harrod said.

That will go a long way toward safe sunning.

About 280 sunscreens meet the EWG’s standards.

If you would like to see how your favorite brands fared, visit the Environmental Working Group’s website.

For more information on sunscreens visit this link.

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