Electric bills surge in Southwest Florida but the reason is complicated

Reporter: Michael Hudak Writer: Paul Dolan
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Power companies are citing international reasons as to why electric bills are increasing by 17% and 27% in parts of Southwest Florida.

Carole Marble’s utility bill increased by $40 since last year. “Oh my God, what’s going on here? I’m over $200,” Marble said. “I live here alone. I turned my pool heater off because it was out of control.” She claims FPL is abusing its power.

According to FPL and other power providers, like Lee County Electric Cooperative – more commonly known as LCEC – they don’t have the power to change the price of the power.

Karen Ryan is the Director of Public Relations at LCEC. “When fuel prices are high,” Ryan said. “The price to generate power is higher and so that cost is passed on to us and we pass it on to the customers.”

“They’re using everything as an excuse,” Marble said. In June 2021, Marble paid $173 for her monthly utilities. While that’s expensive, this year it’s up almost $40. So Marble is trying to cut down usage.

While unhappy with the situation, Marble is doing all the right things. Turn your AC to above 78 if you’re not using it during the day. Turn the lights off in our home and close the blinds during the day.

Electric bills
Leaving a thermostat at 78 degrees is one way to help potentially lower your electric bill. (CREDIT: WINK News)

But unless she can start lowering the price of oil worldwide, there’s not much she can do. “It’s ridiculous,” Marble said. “It’s highway robbery is what it is.”

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