Active FMPD major discusses Uvalde school shooting video

Writer: Paul Dolan
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Fort Myers Police Department Active Major Jason Fields and WINK News reporter Michael Hudak watch the Uvalde school shooting video. (CREDIT: WINK News)

An active major from the Fort Myers Police Department explains how most of the response to the Uvalde school shooting was tactically incorrect.

In late May, officers ran up to the Robb Elementary classroom doors at 11:36 a.m. responding to an active shooter in Uvalde, Texas. This was three minutes after the first gunshots were fired. Active major for the Fort Myers Police Department, Jason Fields, has 22 years of experience. He said that’s the last thing they did right.

When asked, why they’re waiting to get into the door? “I don’t know,” Fields said. “That’s an answer they have to provide.”

WINK News asked Fields if you run away from the sound of danger? “No, that is not our role,” Fields said. “That’s not our job. That’s not how we train.” Fields watched the video with WINK News reporter Michael Hudak Wednesday afternoon.

“Lack of courage, lack of courage, you have to go into a situation like that, knowing that there’s the potential I might get harmed,” Fields said in response to what goes through his mind when he sees them run away from the door like that.

During the video, an officer is clearly visible using hand sanitizing equipment. WINK News asked Fields if he would get hand sanitizer at that moment.

“Absolutely not,” Fields said. “I can’t think of a reasonable excuse.”

77 minutes passed from when the killer crashed his car on the school campus to when those officers finally stormed the classroom and killed him. Does Fields think this is a situation where you can wait for backup?

“Absolutely not. This is a go stop the threat situation this is not a negotiation we have an active shooter out there and we have to stop by any means possible,” Fields said. “We are trained, when you arrive, you start running you don’t casually walk you don’t stroll. You don’t skip hop jog, you run it’s a full-on Sprint to stop that threat.”

The officers’ conduct is being reviewed in separate investigations by the Texas Ranger Division and the United States Department of Justice.

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