How Amazon is helping local charities with their smile

Reporter: Samantha Johns Writer: Paul Dolan
Amazon (CREDIT: WINK News)

Using a particular Amazon service while you shop could help support your favorite local charity, but you have to know how.

SWFL shoppers can help charities by using an AmazonSmile to give back while shopping every day. No added costs and you find the same prices as shopping on

Not just on Amazon Prime Day, but every day, your favorite charities can cash in on your purchases. And all it takes is a simple AmazonSmile to make it happen.

Richard LeBer is the CEO of the Harry Chapin Food Bank. “We love Amazon, AmazonSmile,” LeBer said. “Every time I make a purchase on, you know, on Amazon, I can see the little notice that says, you know your purchase today helps the Harry Chapin Food Bank that just, you know, that just touches me.”

The Harry Chapin Food Bank is one of the many charities benefitting from the AmazonSmile program. Since 2016, the nonprofit has earned half a percent from people using and one percent on Amazon Prime Day. And Harry Chapin uses every penny.

“There’s still a lot of hungry people in Southwest Florida, unfortunately,” LeBer said.

The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Southwest Florida also benefits from AmazonSmile. The extra money raised has helped the agency catch up on missed funding opportunities thanks to the pandemic. Kay Jasso is the Executive Director of Multiple Sclerosis Center of SWFL.

“For us, this is an important funding source, because it’s continuous. And not all, fundraising is continuous, especially like during a pandemic. So, if this is ongoing, people are staying at home, or they’re purchasing shopping online,” Jasso said. “This can continue to benefit our expansion of services in Southwest Florida.”

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