Everglades City plans to start construction on new sewage plant

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Ground breaking at Everglades City new sewage plant. (CREDIT: WINK News)

A community will soon no longer have to deal with their old smelly sewage plant.

Construction is expected to start next week for a new plant in Everglades City.

The old sewage plant was not up to state regulations. It was pumping sewage into the mangroves and leaving the area around it smelling horrific.

The community members near the old plant are excited about the resolution.

Debbie Moshier lives a block away. She said she’s worried about the sewage plant ever since hurricane Irma hit.

“The muck came into our garages. And it was months before we personally cleaned out our entire mess ourselves. Our lower level on every level was damaged, the smell was so bad, that we would choke on it,” Moshier said.

The plant did not measure up to state regulations long before that.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested former mayor Anthony Hamilton in 2018 for stealing $48,000 in taxpayer money some of which was supposed to be used to fix the plant.

Finally, four years later the small community broke ground on a new sewage system.

Howie Grimm, Mayor of Everglades City said, “It’s been a job to work through this. I feel fantastic. Just to see that we’re there. You know, it’s at times you, you almost give up because I mean, it is it’s just a lot of hard work.”

Construction will start next week. When it’s done Moshier will be a happy woman.

“I’m looking at it if what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I’m so proud. So proud today,” Moshier said.

The new sewage system in Everglades City is designed to withstand a 100-year flood and hurricane-force winds.

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