Price gouging and how to protect your money

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price gouging

When a storm hits, some businesses might try to take advantage of your desperation for supplies.

They raise prices to make more money before, during, and after the storm.

WINK News explains price gouging and how to protect your money.

Corey Vines, a Cape Coral resident said,  “So, we’ll just have to see. Hopefully, we don’t get too flooded, or things of that nature.”

Vines has lived in Florida for 20 years. Now he’s getting last-minute supplies before hunkering down.

“I was in here Friday. I got a lot of water. Some canned goods and stuff like that, some milk. I have three kids so I have to make sure they have things to snack on,” Vines said.

He knows the longer you wait the emptier the shelves become. And at some places the more expensive those supplies get.

Now that a State of Emergency is in place, Florida law prohibits price gouging of essential products, that includes food, water, ice, gas, lodging, and lumber. It’s considered price gouging if there is a large price difference during the State of Emergency and the average price 30 days before.

Sam Martire, a Cape Coral resident said, “I was able to find everything I need super easily”

Make sure you have enough food and water for every family member to last at least seven days and get your gas tanks filled up now.

“Everybody should just get what they need and go home. It’ll only be a couple of days. We’re going to be fine. Let’s work together and I think everything is going to be alright,” Martire said.

There are two ways to report price gouging, you can download the state’s No Scam Price Gouging App. It lets you attach pictures and copies of receipts, you can also call the price gouging hotline at (866) 966-7226.

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