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Debris cleanup efforts made in Cape Coral

Reporter: Marcello Cuadra
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Piles of storm debris are scattered across the Southwest Florida area, and the public still has a lot of questions.

Debris, tree branches, furniture, and so many obscure items spread out pell-mell waiting to be picked up. The question that many people in Southwest Florida are asking themselves is, when is it going to get picked up?

WINK News met with Terry Schweitzer, Cape Coral’s Solid Waste Manager, at one of the five debris sites around Cape Coral. He said the message is that people have to be patient with the cleanup.

Crews are working as quickly as they can, racing to pick up everyone’s debris and trash.

“We’d like to get it all done in the 60 days that they declared that they gave us or get a 100% reimbursement it’s a pretty aggressive goal but we have a plan in place that we are going to do our best, we’ll have it off the streets pretty close to that… and then it’ll just be the timeline of getting it off the debris site to the final destination … I will say the city of cape coral residents have done a fantastic job of keeping it separated into three piles of vegetative, C & D Bulk, and the appliances, and then keeping their garbage separate, it’s going to make it go a lot smoother,” Schweitzer said.

According to a couple of residents in Cape Coral, they lost power between 6:30 and 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

One woman told WINK News she got home and she couldn’t even get inside her home because she enters through the garage and without power that garage couldn’t open. So, she said she was going to her son’s house and spend the night there.

WINK News did see a bit of flooding on Cape Coral Parkway Wednesday afternoon.

But overall, people are relieved their power is back on.