Group swims to Walmart after storm surge flooded their homes

Reporter: Michael Hudak Writer: Jasmine Singletary
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A group of people swam to a Walmart parking lot during the storm surge after their homes started to flood.

Beth Ross lost everything but her life during Hurricane Ian.

“We would’ve evacuated but my elderly parent lives in Bayside, a half a mile closer to the beach,” Ross said.

Ross’ elderly family did not want to leave so she didn’t want to leave.

As Hurricane Ian hit Southwest Florida, reality hit Ross.

“I was scared,” Ross said.

The water in her home was rising and the chance of survival was sinking.

“We swam to Walmart because the water came up in like five minutes and it filled my house and I didn’t want to drown,” Ross said.

Ross said the water was moving fast and it was hard to stand up.

“We had to form a human chain, we were all trying to help each other. You couldn’t stand up, the water was like up to our neck,” Ross said.

Ross, her boyfriend, their dog, and a few strangers swam 800 feet to get to Walmart where they stayed for 8 hours.

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