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Fort Myers Brewing Company food truck washing clothes for Ian victims for free

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A food truck in Southwest Florida is being used for more than just serving up hot meals. Instead, Fort Myers Brewing is taking their truck to areas severely impacted by Hurricane Ian and letting people wash their clothes in it.

The owner of Fort Myers Brewing Company told WINK News the mobile laundry unit has three washers and dryers. And he plans to be at the location as long as he can offer his help and support.

Jeff Jucknowski, a Fort Myers Beach resident, noted his laundry getting done is now one less thing he has to worry about.

“It beats going to the laundry house here at midnight because I’m working trying to clean my stuff up all day, you know, and it’s it’s, it’s a blessing,” Jucknowski said.

Rob Whyte explained he started doing his laundry using the truck after watching someone on the news using it.

Word quickly spread, and the washers and dryers were donated and started offering free service to people recovering from the storm.

“Now this trailer is chained to a tree, and it’s gonna stay here for at least a week but you know, a little bit longer, so up front, like I said, there’s a generator, two big propane tanks on-demand hot water heater,” Whyte said.

“I did a rough calculation I’ve probably done in total between four and 500 loads since I started this with three days I started three days after the storm,” Whyte said.

Whyte keeps track of everyone’s laundry on a wall. He washes, dries, folds, and then sends them a message when it’s ready for pickup.

As a sign of things improving, Jucknowski and Whyte may have found a new friendship amidst the rubble, debris, and a lot of laundry.

“One of these days we’re going to go have some beverages together,” Jucknowski said.

“We certainly are,” Whyte exclaimed.

Whyte plans on being on Sterling Avenue, right off Estero Boulevard, again on Tuesday.