Music video inspires a charity after Hurricane Ian

Reporter: Jolena Esperto Writer: Paul Dolan

Relentless Hope recorded a music video in front of the remains of their home after Hurricane Ian.

Katy Lingle-Pinson, the founder of Save The Closet, was one of the thousands of people that saw the video and was so moved by the video, she brought her charity to Florida.

WINK News spoke to a few people who saw Save The Closet would be on WINK News Sunday afternoon. The hurricane didn’t just destroy people’s homes, it also forced a lot of people to restart their wardrobes.

When David and Jahnna came back to what was left of their home after Ian, they were distraught.

But, unwilling to give up, they wanted to make sure they made the best of the situation.

“She was trying to save stuff. And I was saying, we got to write a song, because how many other people got to work on us, you know? So we wrote the song in a day, recorded it in a day. And then the next day, filmed a video in our house that was and it was bittersweet,” David said.

It was a bittersweet experience because they knew they were helping others, but they weren’t sure what was next for them.

“We were like, she don’t have her room anymore. She don’t have any clothes, you know, like, and, but people have contacted her and said, they lost everything,” David said. “And they were depressed. But they listened to our song every day. And it gave them hope. So relentless Hope is the name of our group. So we were like, it worked.”

The video has been viewed nearly 80,000 times, one of which was by Lingle-Pinson, founder of Save The Closet.

Save The Closet is a charity that provides high-end clothes free of charge to disaster victims.

Lingle-Pinson was very excited and pleased to see such a great turnout.

“It’s a great indicator of how badly you might need some clothes,” Lingle-Pinson said. “We’ve always been impressed that these disaster zones we go in we’ve had freezing rain, people walk three miles. And yes, people need decent clothes. They really do. They will, you know braved the conditions to get them. You know they will.”

Tracy and Rachel have been friends for years and always go shopping together. On Sunday they did just that, only this time, it was time to start from scratch.

“I lost my car, she lost her car, I lost my e-bike my beach cruiser all my clothes, all my furniture. Pretty much everything I own,” Rachel said.

“We all have to rebuild together. You know, it’s not just, you didn’t just lose it. All of us lost everything. So the best thing we can do is just rebuild, you know, lean on each other,” Jahnna said.

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